Big Water, Biggest Fish

David Schieffler found his PB trout on 8 generators with new techniques

WE love hearing these stories: helping guys have a whole bunch of fun with something new. I’ll leave David to tell the story.


Two of us had never been streamer fishing before, but Nathaniel at Dally’s set us up with a new line and and an assortment of flies.

The result, even with 8 generators– my biggest trout yet, a 22-incher, and Jim and Danny landed a 21.  Our smallest fish was 18!

Needless to say, we are hooked for life and can’t wait to come back.  It’s hard work, but we took turns fishing one at a time while the other two watched and controlled the motor.

David Schieffler

Danny with his 21 and a big grin

Jimmy with another 21″