We have got big fish, we have got water, we have an awesome lineup of tyers, we have got ridiculous array of schwag, and we have got some killer BBQ.

The 2016 Streamer Lovefest is looking ridiculously good, for the past few years we have been sweating on water & fish & the myriad of little things that go into this event.

Things kick off with the Lafkas/Johnson Streamer Class on January 23 and the Kelly Galloup tying class on January 24. On January 30 we also have Michael Schmidt tying classes. Limited seats available on all 3 classes click for details

WE have had our buds at Yeti Coolers jump onboard, offering up a Cooler will be including in the drawing on the night to raise funds for our local Trout Unlimited Chapter.

Our mate Rob Williams at Shawnee/Supreme boats is the Yeti Supplier for our guide team, and is the sponsor of our killer BBQ dinner from KT’s Smokehouse in Gassville.

Eric Kraimer from Simms will be along during the day, doing wader leak testing and repair advice, plus answering any questions on staying warm and dry this streamer season.

Darin & Steve will be towing in the Sage, Rio & Redington Trailer for our “Feel The Difference” event where you will be able to come to grips in a very hands on way with the new RIO low stretch Intouch sinking lines & the strongest tippet around Powerflex Plus.

You can also get to test cast the lineup of Streamer sticks you will find in all our guide boats, the Sage Method, Salt, Bolt & Motiv.

WE will also have representation from Rainy’s Flies and Umpqua, and a bunch of giveaways from our suppliers.

Above all it going to be one heck of a party.