The Chalk Streams of Norfork


We aren’t talking Norfork in Arkansas here but this exceptional little video is a great look into the issues of water management and the natural beauty of the famed streams of south-east England.

Chalk streams, of which there are only 200 in the world and 85% of which are in the UK, run through the roots of 19th Century fly fishing, most notably those to the South of the region depicted here.

Narrated by the delightful Stephen Fry to raise awareness, and funds, for the restoration of the Norfork chalk streams the video can be enjoyed in three ways:

For its message of protecting water resources which are so close to our heart as fly fishers; showing the restoration efforts mirroring efforts in the driftless area for example; or simply for the beauty of these unique example of flowing water and the mayflies and brown trout which call them home (though you will have to wait 4 minutes in).