Expected The Unexpected .. 30” Brown


It was a nice surprise catching up with Jake Jones in the shop this morning, finding out what he was doing now, with the general summation not fishing enough due to a real world job.

I’d Jake when he joined the crew at the Beaver Dam Store one summer while heading to college.

Now Jake even back then was a pretty fishy cat with a great cast, but checking a notification from Instagram tonight was even more of a surprise than his visit. Here was a great thank you from Jake with the image of this 30” brown. Understandable I pressed him for some details and he kindly added some more images and some notes.

Hi Steve,

I managed to cut out of my 9-5 today to get some much needed water time. My father-in-law, David Hester, who was visiting from Billings, Montana accompanied me in the boat. David is no stranger to fly-fishing and frequently fishes in some of the more renowned rivers in MT. I had often regaled him with stories about how big the fish were on the White River, and I finally got him out on the water with me today…Though neither of us could have imagined how the day would have turned out.

After letting David try his hand at some deep nymphing for a stretch, he asked if I would like to try tossing the streamer rod for a bit. After only three casts, I hooked into this beast and after a few ‘Orca style’ nerve racking jumps we managed to bring her to the net. Taped out at 30 inches. I’m totally ruined.

Thanks for the flies and advice today. Always love coming by the shop.


Mate thanks for all the pics and the kind words. Mike Schmidt was pretty stoked at this fish falling to one of his Double Deceivers, Nate picked out of the bins for the guys today.

Never forget it’s the White River, the next cast could yield anything.