Underwater Trout Eats



IT’s the curse of fly fishers to try and extrapolate the profound from any interaction with fish, but perhaps its worst with trout. I sat down to watch this very cool video, with the Eastern European commentary, of trout eating (apparently hookless) muddlers and buggers.

I stumbled across this on Marc Fauvet’s The Limp Cobra Blog (How trout take subsurface flies).

firstly, seeing fish attack flies is well, exciting. its one of the major reasons we do what we do. also, from a practicle aspect, this vid says a lot about how fast they’ll spit that fly back out; something we tend to not like as much !

Marc, though admitting he may be rambling, does question as to whether “prickly” deer hair flies are held for a shorter time by trout than softer bodies flied.

Perhaps its the fact I’m still trying to shake off the flu, but this was way more entertaining than educational, though it does show a surprising variety, dare I say, individuality, in the way trout take the same fly.