Spreading The Word: Itinerant Angler Podcast

I’d been trying to talk Zach Matthews, from the from the Itinerant Angler website, into fishing the higher flows on the White and Norfork for a few years now.

Zach and I met a decade ago when we were a couple of fly fishing obsessives hanging out in Fayetteville. Now his real gig is a lawyer in Atlanta, but his sideline with the website and other articles for magazines keeps him fishing plenty.

But I’d never been able to talk Zach out of trying something different here, other than his usual fall program. With a new drift boat, his wife and buddy in tow, this year they did and had a hoot.

Which is a long way around of explaining how I ended up back on a Podcast on Streamer Fishing on the Itinerant Angler again.

Thanks Zach hop we see you this winter.