Chasing The Donkey

I’m not quite sure I knew what I was biting off when I took this on. Originally Brian Wise and I were talking, as we have done for 2 or 3 years, about really doing a streamer video down here, to show the craziness and intensity of the winter season.

Then Wise got elected to public office, most of our boats were full, or I was rowing so I was just carrying the camera along and shooting the fish we landed. And they kept getting bigger. Which is totally backasswards to the way real films are made.

This is the short edit we did for the Fly Fishing Film Tour _ and missed on the last cut, but learnt a huge amount in the last few weeks with advice from those guys, about all the stuff that goes on after you finish filming.

Despite all that I still think we managed to capture part of the fun of streamer season, hope you enjoy it.

And on January 30  as part of the Streamer Lovefest, we are going to premiere the longer raw cut, and release the DVD of the film, and a selection of tying videos from our streamer crew.






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