Christmas Flies


ALL OF us have a bunch of old flies we don’t or won’t use anymore. If you are a tyer it’s even worse, what with those Clousers you tied upside down, or a streamer that won’t swim right, or the eyes fell off.

Then there are the flies with serious mojo, the flies part destroyed, either by a lot of fish or a truly big fish.  The flies you want to keep, maybe in a ball cap, or in your fishmobile, where they will inevitable get lost or rust out.

This was our situation, until last Christmas when my wife, Becca, had the brilliant idea to combine a bunch of excess Christmas garland, the window bay near my tying desk, some lights and every big fly she could find.

This probably isn’t going to solve the problem for all those little 16s but for bigger bugs and streamers it’s a pretty neat idea. Just remember to remove the barbs lest the dog, or cat, starts playing/gnawing on the whole arrangement.