Stay Tuned ………

Ben Levin in frame at the vise yesterday

It’s like herding kittens …. Funky, Fishy, ADD and OCD kittens.

Getting Wise, Johnson, Levin and myself in the one room for a few hours to film some tying videos is something of a project. But we are back under the lamps getting a winter tan in order to drum up something entertaining and informative … ok entertaining for you this winter.

There will be twerking flies, dancing flies, hippy chicks, and “that minner thang”. We can even promise some stuff with no names. Ben Levin was first up yesterday, getting heckled heavily, since he is heading to Chile again for the winter.

I have one of two new streamer patterns in the can, and once Johnson gets back from Louisiana we’ll be chaining him to the chair _ videos coming soon.  Brian Wise, our tying video maestro is playing with some new ideas we have going forward. Hope you find them all fun

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