Never one’s to rest on a good idea Fishpond have stepped up on the Sushi Roll fly storage device, introducing bigger smaller and smarter.

We have dug these for carrying small streamers and in particular small mouth patterns. Our big White River streamers are a little tall for this design, but with the smaller stuff they are awesome.

Two new sizes, one large and one smaller joined the original Sushi Roll. The small one is easy enough to slip into any pocket which would take a big C+F style hard box.

All the rolls now come with a partch of loop cloth in each corner, and four hook squares, each with adhesive backs. Stick the hook squares on your cooler, boat gunwale, canoe, where ever you want to lock the Sushi Roll out flat to use all day. At the take out simplybreak the velcro free and roll it up. Awesome.

Make a great CHristmas stocking stuff too.