Angling in Literature Class

Photo by Esther Nooner

Fall 2015 has marked an important marriage between my identity as an angler and my role as an educator.

Nice report from University of Arkansas Professor Geffrey Davis on a day we spent with 8 students from his “Reel Narratives: Angling in Literature and Culture” class. Chad and Kevin introduced 8 students to our world on the White. Three students had never fished at all, most were brand new to the fly rod. I took Geffrey and Photographer Esther Nooner _ a gorgeous day and some serious fun here.

Read Geffrey’s report here and while you are on his blog go check out some of his poetry _ he is a serious talent.

Steve Dally image


  • For Kevin T

    “So, Steve—I’m wondering when you are going to get over your aversion to Maclean and actually read A River Runs Through It. As fabulous as you are as a fishing guide (Michael and I had a great time on Friday) and as accomplished as you are in your literary career, you really can’t be taken seriously as a writer about fly fishing until you have made this journey.

    Am happy to send you a copy if you can’t find one! : )

    All the best,


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