Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 11/13/15

Jack Curtis landed this fat 18″ brown on a Ruby Midge on the lower White, fishing with Gabe Levin

Sorry the fishing report is late this week, so I’ll get straight to it. Fishing is spectacular in the White River system in the fall. The weather keeps on shining and today was perhaps the nicest day yet. Calm, sunny, warm, and no sign of any crowds. Yesterday was a postcard day as well that yielded solid fishing for repeat customers Jack and Robin Curtis, and their beagle, Ranger. Numbers of rainbows caught exceeded any and all expectations, and a couple of chunky browns provided the capstone for the day. Simply splendid to be on the water right now. Read on for some hot fly patterns to try.

Robin Curtis caught this gorgeous 17″ male not 20 minutes and less than 1/4 mile downstream of Jack’s fish. Ruby Midge, Gabe Levin guiding.
Ranger does not get excited about fishing, but will happily soak up the afternoon rays and dream of rabbits.

White River:

Water releases are bumping in the a.m. hours from a half unit to anywhere from one to three units. The lower flows offer the most consistent nymph and midge fishing. Fish your way downriver to get more time on the water before the river rises. Pheasant Tails, Hare’s Ears, Copper Johns, and Hare and Coppers trailed by Ruby midges, Whitetail midges, and Micro Mayfly nymphs are all solid producers. I’m getting lots of eats on the strike indicator, so perhaps a little hopper-dropper action is possible as well. When the water comes up, an egg or San Juan worm ahead of larger Whitetails and Super midges are the ticket. Zoo Cougars on a sink tip or Fat Alberts on top are fun ways to fish the rising water too, and may yield a larger brown with some luck.

Norfork River:

Some days the turbines are off except for a short two hour burst in the morning, and some days it lasts until afternoon, but either way there is good wade fishing, drift boating, and personal watercraft fun to be had. Egg patterns and San Juans are often necessary to get attention in heavy stained flows, but trail them with more subtle offerings like Root Beer midges, Hunchback Scuds, or Wotton Sowbugs.