Swedish Articulated Tastiness

Andersson’s 6″ articulated Baby Brown Rag Dolly

So we have some kind of addiction to large flies _ well crafted, well designed large flies. Flies that will hunt.

We had been admiring Andreas Andersson’s patterns via Facebook & Instagram for a while. He is another Esox connection, starting his streamer tying for European Pike. Then our buddy Brian Wise starting doing videos on Andersson’s patterns, and showed me some samples. So we made contact and placed an order

These flies will definitely can hold their own among the patterns in our streamer selection from Mike Schmidt, Tommy Lynch, Russ Maddin and Kelly Galloup.

The Aino’s and Rag Dolly’s offer another different look and action for those White River brown trout.

Stop by the shop and check them out: or if you can’t stand the wait call 870 435 6166 to get your hands on these. Scroll down for the selection

Andersson’s 6″ articulated Aino
Rag Dolly: (from top) White; Fire Tiger; Baby Rainbow; Baby Brown
Ainos: (from top) Grey/White; Rainbow; Brown