FINALLY ……. But Why

Under a unit of Water On The White _ all image Bill Thorne

WELL It’s been a long time coming, the first flows of under a unit probably since early summer, and there is more in the schedule for tomorrow.

But while it keeps the wading fisher’s happy the PTB had to go and put a damper on things by forgetting how they were supposed to lower the flows, and stranded a bunch of fish up and down the river.

Our Bill Thorne captured the pic at left of this 22” brown dead in the little slough on the downstream side of the Wildcat ramp. And there were bunches of smaller stockies lying their dead as well.

The flows out of Bull Shoals Dam, went from 12392 cfs at 1 am to 3649 cfs two hours later. If you know this river system you will know that is a big hard drop, that will strand fish in a bunch of places.

We have forwarded the pics onto AGFC. Its just another masterstroke of PR for those who control the dam releases, the US Army Corp Of Engineers and the South West Power Authority.  On a day when the majority of wade fishers would have been smiling at the prospect of some November wading are now grouching at their thoughtless water control. Little wonder any pronouncements from the Corp are treated with some cynicism.

But be that as it may, waders can look forward to some low water again tomorrow according to the schedule there should be half a unit of water running from midnight to lunchtime, which should open up a whole day of wading.