Guide Style By Gabe Levin

Fly fishing apparel can be broken down into two basic categories: functional clothing and lifestyle clothing. The functional stuff keeps you cool, warm, dry, and otherwise comfortable on the water. The lifestyle stuff also keeps you comfortable, but with more of an emphasis on looks for casual social wear.

Perhaps we here at Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher are not an authority on style – we spend too much time in our functional wear not terribly concerned with our outward appearance – but Simms knows the type and they’ve got us covered with simple, down to earth, comfortable fall clothing that is both functional and sharp.

My two personal favorites are the Story Work Pant and Coldweather Shirt, both of which straddle the line between function and style. The pants resemble a casual khaki but with more stretch in the knees and crotch for easy movement.

Thread a leather belt through it, combine it with a button down shirt, or better yet, a cozy insulated button down like the Coldweather Shirt, and you’re ready to party.

It could be a game at the bar with buddies, it could be a bonfire on the back 40, it could even be a float in a drift boat. I call them my “down for whatever” duds, and I practically live in them during the cool months.