Beck On The Fly _ Chad Johnson Report

Beck, Chad and one big rainbow

Family, a new fly fisher and Dry Run Creek = an awesome report from Chad Johnson


Hello fly heads ,
Just wanted to share a moment on the water that I had with my family a couple of weeks ago. Stacey Bailey, my first cousin from OKC, come over a couple of weeks ago, this is the guy that got me started in fly fishing years ago by inviting me on a fly fishing trip to AR .

He and Kelly (his wife) have a son that is now 10 years old which means we have been waiting 10 years to bring him on his first fly fishing trip to Dry Run Creek and I want to say thanks for letting me be a part in the start of Beck’s fly fishing fun.

I am sure we will do many more trips together. Up to this point there had been no interest in fly fishing for Beck other than playing swords with fly lines with me in the front yard once. 🙂 So we didn’t know what to expect from Beck for the day .

Well let me tell you he has one hot hand when it came to catching trout on the fly and once we got started he would not stop we went over for a couple hours that turned into 5 hours and he would have gone longer, if we had food that is. 🙂

I would say I don’t know who was more excited about the day Stacey or Beck but there was no doubt it was Stacey- he was one proud dad !

Thanks for being a fishy dude Beck and thanks for the invite to AR all those years ago, Stacey! What a great day !
Mississippi Johnson