Buffalo on The Drake

The Buffalo is a holdout of wilderness, a reminder that we don’t have as much control as we like to pretend.” Miles Nolte, Drake Magazine Fall 2015 issue.


We have been awaiting this one for a while. My brother from another mother, the guide of letters, ink slinger, guide, walking beard Miles Nolte’s piece on our Buffalo River multi-day trips is in the new issue of The Drake, accompanied by Tosh Brown’s sumptuous photos.

There’s few people I’d rather spend a day in a drift boat with than Miles, and I get the same feeling from his writing.

I think you might enjoy this piece as much as I did, an extremely well travelled fly fisher’s view of that gorgeous stretch of river etched into Ozark limestone. The mag landed today, swing by to pick up a copy _ and if you like Miles’ style we also carry copies of his seminal book on guide life “The Alaska Chronicles”.

If you want to discover more on how you can join our multi-day Buffalo River float trips click here