Greetings from Kansas

Jake and his brown caught with head guide Chad Johnson in June


Another awesome report landed in my Inbox over the weekend from Jake Ruthstrom from Kansas after a couple of trips with us recently.

We love hearing back things like this and particularly those fishy photos. I’ll let Jake tell the tale but thanks guys, and see you back soon.



Just wanted to drop a line to the shop to thank you all for two great fishing trips this year.  The first one was back in June, where my old man and I spent a day on the water with Chad Johnson. 

Had a great time, caught a ton of fish including the 22” brown that I’ve attached in the picture.  The second trip was this past Tuesday when my brother-in-law and I went out with Gabe Levin.  We had decided to do a last minute guide trip as we were not used to the high water conditions that the rivers are currently providing. 

Again, we had a great time, caught a ton of fish, and learned a thing or two about the craft as well.  I’ve attached another picture of the 18” brown that my brother-in-law Matt caught with Gabe.  I appreciate everything from everyone I have talked to in the flyshop.  

Everybody is always friendly and willing to give good advice on bug selection, techniques, places to go, etc.  The advice alone has made several white river trips a success for us.   Looking forward to coming down again very soon.

Thank you.


Matt and guide Gabe Levin with a Norfork brown last week