Chad Johnson – 4 Seasons on the White Presentation

IF you want a better insight into the seasonal moods and shifts on the White River system, and how to fish year around, there in none better than our head guide Chad Johnson.

Chad is hosting free classes at the Fly Fishing Fair this Friday and Saturday  at 10 am titled “4 Seasons on the White”. “Mississippi” will cover the hatches, the flies needed to fish them and most importantly the techniques involved.

Johnson is super informative, very laid back and you will learn a lot while having fun.

The 4 Seasons include: 

  • Spring: caddis pupa, emerger, adult.
  • Summer: hopper dropper- adult hoppers, nymph dropper.
  • Fall: eggs, nymph dropper.
  • Winter: streamers, sculpin, minnows, smaller trout.

Chad Johnson -4 Seasons on the White – FREE     Location: Seminar Room      Time: Friday 10am    Class also offered: Saturday 10am