Capturing Memories Presentation : Getting Better Fly Fishing Pics from Your Phone

IN this day and age most of us carry everywhere, probably one of the best camera’s we have ever owned. It used to be carrying a phone to the river was a matter for derision.

But on our tailwaters the information you can get on water flows can be both lifesaving and help you fish better, not withstanding the fact they take amazing photos.

I’m going to be running a class at the Fly Fishing Fair (11am Saturday) illustrating how to get the most out of those magic little devices, Android or IPhone,  including:

  • Camera Settings
  • How to Hold Fish
  • Composition
  • Apps + Editing

If you have followed this blog over the years you will have seen plenty of cool images, from myself and some of our guides, and I’ve been asked to run this class a lot

Learn how, when and why to take better, and less, “grip and grins”, plus more artistic styles. While we are focusing on photography no special apparatus, the same rules apply to point and shoot, DSLR and other camera formats.

There is also going to be a heavy focus on treating the fish right and Keep Them Wet philosophy.

Bring your phone and/or camera and sense of humor for this highly interactive and very hands-on FREE class.