Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 9/16/15

Barry’s beastly brown. I think we should call it Kujo. Chad Johnson on the oars – this one ate a fly.

There are browns. There are big browns. And then there are beasts. A 30inch brown enters the realm of beasts. Barry Annalora is no stranger to big browns, and he’s caught fish of this class before, but never in the daytime. Congrats to Barry on a legitimate daylight hours streamer caught beast mode big fat honkin long jawed slob fish thing that resembles a brown trout, but really has more in common with an alligator. Parents, take a good look at the set of jaws on this fish before you let your children play in the White River. That thing is still out there on the prowl, a little smarter, a little meaner.

-Gabe Levin

Lee Cooper with a hopper eater, fishing with Chad Johnson.
Lee and another hopper eater for good measure. Chad Johnson guiding.

White River:

Flows are steady around 12,000cfs. Hoppers are still pulling some nice browns early and late in the day. Fat Alberts, Western Ladies, various Chernobyl style bugs in black and tan are best. When the terrestrial bite slows, streamers on a sink tip are a great way to prospect. Double Deceivers, Circus Peanuts, and Dungeons are all great choices. Long heavy nymph rigs under indicators will pull the most fish, though smaller on average. San Juans and eggs lead the way and are best trailed by Whitetail Midges, big Zebra midges, Pheasant Tails, Hare’s Ears, Micro Mayfly nymphs, and Copper Johns.

Norfork River:

Early morning wading opportunities are all but gone, but round the clock flows appear to have stabilized around 4,000cfs, or about a unit and a half. Eggs, San Juans, Copper Johns, and large midges are perfect fished deep and heavy – I like a AAA or a couple of BB split shot. Streamers are effective as well and this is the perfect place to bring your six or seven weight sink tip and some single hooked streamers rather than the oversized articulated style flies popular on the White. Coneheaded bugger style flies work great such as the Autumn Splendor and the Sparkle Minnow series.