RIO InTouch Streamer Lines

Becca Dally putting the new InTouch OutBound Short Lines to good effect


When it comes down to serious hand to hand, tug-of-war, your fly line is going to stretch up to 30% before it breaks _ that’s 30’ on a 100’ flyline.

Now that energy absorbing stretch might be a plus when you are fishing 6x and a 5 wts but it’s a serious disadvantage when you are trying to set hooks on trophy fish and heavy tippet. Which about we were so excited about bringing its ConnectCore Technology into our favorite sinking streamer lines: the OutBound Short, the Striper and 24’ Sink Tip.

I picked up a demo from RIO in July and it was in Becca’s hands when she hooked 3 toads in 6 days last month, landing a 24” and a 26” plus a couple of mere 20s. It was an amazing run with only 1 fish missed on a hit.

On the casting side they run pretty similar to the previous mode, except for the slight noise from the running line. The ConnectCore is impossible to get smooth in the thinly coated running line so has a kind of granulated finish, which I actually really dig.

Even in the summer months losing your grip on the running line _ especially the superslick, hard running lines _ during a haul is a fairly common occurrence, not to mention getting a grip on the line on a hookset if fairly important.

My personal experience with some of the InTouch sinking lines is tremendous to what is going on down there

at the point end of our rig. I’m hesitant to call these lines miracles, they are like everything else just a tool, but I have a lot of faith these are going to help hookup rates _ and the evidence is starting to back it up.


Come and check out the new InTouch lines, we have some of the old models on sale, and get yourself sorted for winter