AGFC Studying Alligator Gar

HEALTHY ecosystems need a mix of species, from the pretty and cutesy up to the big bad and ugly. Alligator gar aren’t the most likely of fly rod targets, and don’t live in our cold tailwaters, but I’d hate to see this ancient species disappear from Arkansas waters.

Check out this video on the shrinking numbers of Alligator Gar in Arkansas waters and the studies being conducted by the AGFC into the big fish.

Sure there is bait fishing and spinning tackle in the video but I have a fancy to hook a small one one day. And even if it never happens, knowing they are here and thriving would be enough.

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  • ‘Gator gar on a fly rod are hard work! I caught a 60″ gar in MS on an 8wt and have hooked several others. They deserve more credit than they get.

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