Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 8-13-15

Bryan Kalb with a 21” hopper brown Wednesday with Ben Levin _ Ben Levin image


SOME perhaps temporary relief from the big tall flows tomorrow, with the White scheduled to run under 2 units from midnight to 11am tomorrow.

Norfork is going to have low water to midday as well. The interesting thing to going to be watching the Scheduled Flows for the weekend, to see if this trend will continue. In the longer term probably not, but even a short bump will put smiles on some people’s face.

The USACE has set down its predictions for clearing the flood water out of the White River Dams, and while Table Rock have its flood pool clear by early September, Norfork, Beaver and Bull Shoals won’t  be empty until November.

The upside of the higher flows is going to be some fish in seriously good condition _ we are finding some really well conditioned rainbows right now on both rivers.

Hopper Brown on the White on Tuesday _ Steve Dally pic

And now onto the rest of this week’s fly fishing report

WHITE RIVER: After some heavy flows last week, there has been a tapering down somewhat, still big water in later afternoon but not as heavy overnight or through the morning. Its going to be worth watching the scheduled flows over the next week or so.

The hopper fishing has been patchy, with some nice fish coming to the surface but seeming without much consistency. That could change fast, with the ground away from the river drying out brining more bugs to the rivers edge and this week’s monster cricket hatch in the area.

Fish size 10  or 8 black bugs like the Roach, Fat Albert’s or Juicy Bugs, although pink and purple attractors have also been pulling the odd fish.


Streamer fishing has also been good, with double deceivers, and lead eyed patterns like Circus Peanuts, Dungeon’s and Sasquatchs fishing well.

Nymphing fish deep on the higher flows attractors and San Juan Worms have been strong. But with some lower flows we are back in the province of Midge pupa behind a heavier lead fly, like Ruby Midges, Davy’s White tail or Super Midges.

NORFORK: has been performing very well with some solid fish reported by Ben and Chad today. Rootbeer and Ruby Midges have been performing very well. Fish them behind a heavier lead fly, Hare’s Ears or Pheasant Tails, or Micro Mayflies, depending how deep/fast you need to get it down.