The Great Cricket Invasion of 2015


Apparently it’s not just us but everywhere from Cotter to Mountain Home has been overrun with small black/brown crickets, even attracting the interest of the Baxter Bulletin today

Is it Cricketggedon or the Invasion of the Crickets?

The Bulletin has received reports of hordes of crickets all over Mountain Home, as well as in other towns.

According to Hopper Environmental Services, early summer environmental conditions were excellent for a large cricket hatch. Females lay 150-400 eggs on average, and Mark Hopper says it’s likely females hatched eggs on the high end of the scale.

The crickets are a bigger problem at commercial locations, according to Hopper, who said the insects like lights and awnings in particular. But don’t worry, Hopper told The Bulletin this morning that the crickets will “do their thing and go away.”

But its not all bad ……

Chernobyl Juicy Bug #10