Just Cast Better Decal _ Streamer Addicts Everywhere


IF you are a student of the human condition, you might, if your lucky, a couple of times be listening for a moment of truth amid the cacophony of modern living.

At the time I was crying with laughter, for the sheer hilarity of a moment of humor from our buddy musky guide Chris Willen, amid the relentless cast and strip that is musky fishing. I’ll point out that is was into the last day of our second trip up North, and we are all pretty good buds, when Willie answered Eric Jones’ question as to whether he should be targeting the bank or the hump mid river “it don’t matter, just cast better”.

I’m pretty sure Willie was going for a laugh, but that quote has resonated among the family of misfits, and oddballs who make up the the streamer world.  I swear I’ve heard the tale come back 3 times from people who don’t know Willie, not Jones nor me.“Just Cast Better” has become a inspirational mantra in its own right, a verbal touchstone to keep the faith, like Alex’s “put another quarter in the slot” whether you are stripping for musky, brown trout or anything big, bad and hard that swims.

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