Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 7-22-15

James Mecham and a great hopper eating brown this week with Marc Poulos _ Marc Poulos image


With the prospect of some high water ahead, I went back to the brutal days of ‘08, when the water was even higher and it went longer. And you know what _ the fishing was pretty good.

It will take a little adjustment getting back to the big water, the long fairly level leaders, 10’ rods, big bobbers, and the faster drift down stream. If you don’t fancy the bobber tactics, the hopper bite is getting going, and there’s plenty of activity on streamers as well.

Marc Poulos put James Mecham onto the awesome specimen above, which looks better than most fish of its 23” length. And we have heard of some other good ones being caught as well. Yep its different out there than what we have experienced the past couple of years, but there is a plenty of entertainment as we learnt in 07 + 08. Get after it.

WHITE RIVER: With the was flows up 3’ to 5’ over the past week you are going to see a lot of grassy banks flooded in the next few weeks. San Juan worms are going to become a staple as the worms drown and get flushed out into the river system.

Flooded Islands, and grassy banks offer both food, and a bottom closer in reach to fly fishers. Look for these areas, particularly where the water pours off the grass into the river proper. San Juan’s and eggs are a popular choice, but don’t forget San Juan’s make a good attractor in their own right, ahead of more natural fare, like pheasant tails, Sunday Specials, Crusty Ron’s and Davy Wotton Sowbugs. Vary your SJW colors during the day as well.

Streamers offer a good shot, and having patterns which will dig deep on landing like Stay Hungry Streamers, Dungeons, Circus Peanuts as well as more standard Double Deceiver and Buck Rogers are a good idea. Don’t forget the smaller stuff like Slumpbusters, sculpins and Cheech’s Leech.

One of my favorite times of year is the terrestrial hatches and with cicadas singing in the trees, its time to fish the bigger foam bugs. Pink and black seem to be working well, Fish Fat Albert’s, Morrish Hoppers, Juicy Bugs.

NORFORK: The Princess of Tailwaters has been offering some nice wading through early afternoon and particularly in the middle of the river has been offering some great dry fly activity.

There has been some good action on sulphurs from mid-morning _ earlier fish scuds or Sunday Specials with Midge droppers. Flashback Pheasant Tails, Micro Mayflies and Real Meal Nymphs and going to draw a lot of fish paricularly teamed with a yellow Tailwater Soft Hackle.

When surface bit turns on fish Sulphur Parachutes, Hackle Stacker Cripples and Sulphur Cripples.