Buffalo Windows

A day out with Ben and Gabe Levin on the Buffalo


YOU KNOW I think every time I float another section of the Buffalo the scenery is prettier and the fishing killer.

I got to spend a day out with the Brothers Levin last week on a section of the river upstream of 65, trying to shoot some video for a project I’m working on.

The water was higher than normal, but probably not as high as it would be today. The Buffalo seems to bounce up every time I get off the water this year. But every trip confirms what a magical resource we have here in the Ozarks. If the rain will stop for the rest of summer we are going to have great conditions in August and September when normally the Buffalo and Crooked Creek are at their lowest. We will still be able to float the Buffalo in our drift boats or Crooked Creek by canoe it seems

Going to be a fun time



The boys get doubled up, Ben got the biggun.


Landed my first ever gar: Can’t tell you how many of these I have hooked and come unbuttoned from over the years. So of course I hooked this one when I wasn’t truly paying attention and some how it stuck. A very cool fish, slimy sure but those colors are awesome, just bring a set of long hemos to extract the fly.


The Eye of A Dinosaur _ Ben Levin pic