VIEW FROM HERE: Macro Terrestrial Fly Shots


MESSING around with a macro lens and some of the new terrestrial patterns we have been stocking into the fly bins for the summer ahead. Don’t let the talk of high water fool you this is going to be an all time terrestrial summer. Bring your boat or book a float with our guide team.



Grillos’ Sideshow Bob 6 10: No excuses for not seeing this one. Going to be a favorite for hopper-dropper rigs or those foggy evenings.


Wily’s Ant Purple #12-10-8: Purple was the “shhhhh” color last summer, till the secret got out. Trim the wing on this fly

Ramsey’s Goofball Green #6: Great profile, easy to see wing. Green is good before the hopper get ripe. Fish it now.

Grillos’ Canteria Beetle #1: A big bug for big fish. Could be an annual cicada, could be a mouse, could be food. Smack it down and hold on.

Trixie The Hooker Hopper #6: Pink works.

The Roach #8: Late season addition to our line up last year and it just works.

Morrish Hopper Green #6: Great fly with a killer profile in a new color. Fish it now.

GASBAG #6: This fly looks like a fine indicator but it became a favorite for a couple of our guides last season, because it was getting eaten. Floats all day.

The Juicy Bug: Not new but new sizes and a favorite of the majority of the guide crew here.