Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 6-19-15

Ben Levin with an afternoon streamer brown _ Gabe Levin pic

I’VE BEEN mulling over what you would call four guides in a boat: a gaggle perhaps, certainly not a congregation: a mob was likely but a cluster seemed more appropriate.

When someone describe the decision making process in Chad’s Shawnee this week as akin to the Senate it was only half in jest. It wasn’t that we caught browns with Johnson, Levin The Younger, the rep’s rep and former guide Frank Smethurst and myself it was that we caught them in spite of that assemblage.

The rotating helmsman was being offered sufficient contrary advice that it became policy, in the shallows to ignore the peanut gallery and only listen to the owner of the boat lest we end up high and dry. Things got worse when we switched to streamers on the higher flows instead of better as one rod was now free from the task of fishing and instead could devote their attention to full time heckling.

In summary if our boat could score amidst the threat of Tropical Storm Bill then y’all probably would have done way better.

Funnily enough TS Bill hasn’t been too bad right here, though our neighbours to the west and north have been deluged. There has been wadeable water most days on Norfork, and low flows in the morning on the White.

The upstream dams are pumping water hard but Bull Shoals is still utilising its huge storage capacity to limit flood effects down stream.

With the rain expected to break for the weekend, and similar flows expected it looks like this is going to be an exceptional time to get on the water.

See you out there.


And now for the rest of this week’s fishing report


Mississippi Johnson, Tucker and a White River brown this week _ Gabe Levin image

WHITE RIVER: THE weekend schedule won’t be released until a little later but punt on lower overnight flows with a bump up to higher water in the afternoons.

As unlikely as it sounds, we found some caddis coming off Tuesday with an 16 E/C Caddis and a similarly sized Caddis Green Tailwater Soft Hackle proving their work. Princes and other caddis pupa are performing strongly particularly when the sun hits the water.

Midges are also performing well early: Davy Wotton Whitetails and Ruby Midges in particular. On the bigger flows you can nymph deep with pupa/egg or San Juan combos or switch over to streamers.

Sex Dungeons, Double Deceivers in Yellow/Olive, Buck Rogers, Circus Peanuts and Sasquatches are all worth throwing in the higher flows. Terrestrials are starting to work, popping up here and there. Try smaller hopper or attractor patterns

NORFORK: There has been nice open wading windows most days despite the rain.

Midges have been performing strongly, Ruby, Redneck and Rootbeer Midges, or a Psycho Midge or Rainbow Warrior,often comboed with Hunchback Scuds or Sunday Specials.

A few crane flies, and sulphurs have been showing up according to reports back from the river, so taking along a few yellow or tan mayfly patterns and some pheasant tails is worth while

Frank with a nice hopper brown.