Becca with her first Colorado stream brown


FOR all the trips Bec and I have taken to Colorado over the years, we have never got off the plain.

To be honest since the last time we did the long drive to Denver for a Fly Tackle Dealer’s show, she threatened divorce if I repeated the process, I though my chances were pretty slim of ever getting up into the Rockies.

But with the end of our holiday in sight, a creek beckoning and a window to catch up with our mate Chris Franzen and another mutual bud Lando, who are guiding in Wyoming at the Old Baldy Club. Story of the day was Becca settling in to some serious creek fishing and becoming the hot rod of the day, finishing with 3 nice browns once she got the guys to go off and do their own thing.

I’ll say s size 8 leech in the ear isn’t all that painful, at least until the forward cast, but we did give her some more room after I got myself in the wrong place at the wrong time. The trout ate dry flies and streamers if you got it right, and not it you didn’t the company was entertaining as usual and even the plague of mosquitos which haunts this place couldn’t dampen the fun.

Hope you enjoy the pics.



Walking in wild irises


Franz and I avoiding nymphs




Lando has a leaper




Awesome day