“Big River All The Way” _ Chad Johnson Report

Gage and Chad on the “Big River”


I had Gene Henry and his grandson, Gage, the last couple of days of fishing. Mr. Gene brings Gage up for summer vacation every year and we have a ball fishing Dry Run Creek in the a.m. on the first day with some very nice fish being caught and released. In the afternoon, we went to the White River, where Gene was able to fish with us and Gage done so well on the “Adult River” he decided for the next day it was “Big River” all the way. No more time for the “kid’s creek”. He wanted to fish on the “Adult River” and that he did. Here are a couple of pics with Gage and his first 2 browns on the “Adult River”. What a great time fishing, skipping rocks and looking for aquatic bugs…..it was all good.

Thanks for the Work Gene & Gage…See you soon. Mississippi Johnson