Wading Water with Rain All Around


THE big question on the phones this week has been “are y’all able to fish up there” and the answer ha been that the flows are low, there’s wadeable water most days and the fishing is rocking.

If you live anywhere south or west of Mountain Home, you might think that is a little surprising given the monsoonal rainfall totals that have occurred in May, in south Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.

Certainly we have has a wet 3 month period, but our rainfall totals are around 2” high than normal, instead of the 20” or better in Tx/OK.

And Bull Shoals and Norfork Dams and the other upstream are doing the job that they were built for: holding back the White River catchment flows, while the natural run tributaries like the Buffalo River, Crooked Creek and the Black and Arkansas Rivers, are allowed to crest and drop to natural levels.

Beaver Lake is the only one in the chain at high levels: it has a relatively small flood pool and was holding water to keep Table Rock at lower levels. Table Rock is trying to repair a couple of damaged turbines so has been supplementing generation with spillway releases. Bull Shoals has plenty of flood capacity left.

But at some point flows will increase which could mena some great streamer and hopper fishing later in summer.