Welcome MeKenzie Hada to the crew.



IT seems like MeKenzie Hada has been around this place for years since she was wandering along in the wake of here larger than life father, our friend, artist Duane. It seemed she was always smiling happy and usually Duane would be showing off photos of her holding monster fish.

Now MeKenzie’s all grown up and gone off to college, so when she mentioned she was looking for a summer job, we jumped at the chance to bring here into the Dally’s family here. She’s fun, way nicer than most of us crusty older guys and is one of the fishiest characters we know, particularly when it comes to the Ozark creeks.

MeKenzie, (don’t worry if you forget the capital K _ she confessed this morning she didn’t know the K in her name was capitalised until grade 7), ties well, can help with your casting, and is a great source of advice on smallmouth fishing.

She might be an Ozark creek rat but there is some wanderlust in her soul, having taken mission trips to India and twice to Brazil and is off to Honduras in late Summer, plus some time in Campeche. So those fish pics now include tarpon and peacock bass.

Stop in and say hi _ she is the nice one