Beaver Spillway Open


We feel for our friends in Texas, Oklahoma with the pounding of rain they have copped this spring, but in Arkansas only the western fringe has seriously heavy rain.

THE US Army Corp of Engineers announced yesterday that Beaver Lake spillways gates had been opened to cope with the excess flood water. Beaver has been kept high while work has been done on the damaged turbines at Table Rock.

Spillway releases had been used to supplement the working generators on Table Rock, to keep the lake level down. Beaver is expected to crest today at 92% of its relatively small flood pool, while Table Rock is holding around 7% of flood capacity.

Bull Shoals is currently at 25% of flood pool and Norfork at 18%

Statement from the USACE below


We began spillway releases at noon today from Beaver Dam.

The seven spillway gates were opened one-half foot releasing 3,700 cubic feet per second in addition to the 8,500 c.f.s. being released through the turbine generators. The total release is 12,200 c.f.s. The lake is cresting today at 1,129.1 feet above sea level.

Future rainfall may cause us to adjust releases at Beaver Lake.

Lake elevation forecasts can be found at the Little Rock District water management website:…/repor…/remote/lakfcst.htm.

Please use caution when boating and fishing below the Beaver Dam while water releases are in effect. For more information, contact the Beaver Project Office at 479-636-1210.


  • What is the impact on the white in Mt Home and below?

    • Zero impact in the short term. The water releases from Beaver will flow through Table Rock lake and into Bull Shoals. Eventually it will get released into the white but over what time frame is hard to predict probably late summer

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