New Logo Wear In Stock

Duane Hada’s Gyotakyu print of a 25” White River brown on one of our new shirts


Just in time for summer our newwest logo gear and some special projects we have been working on for a good while.

The shirt above is always going to be a special one for the Levin brothers and myself, after the 25” brown trout dies in our hands as we tried to revive it. It’s the only fly caught brown I’ve seen this happen too in 8 years on this river, and to have it happen to such a spectacular trophy moved us all.

So to honor that fish, and the other browns who form such a big part of our lives and livelihoods we sent it to our friend, colleague and artist Duane Hada for a Gyotaku print, the traditional Japanese method of fish printing. Since we practice catch & release avidly its not often a brown trout can be found for a Gyotaku.

We enlisted the Cotton Company in Mountain Home to find us a quality shirt for this signed print and you are going to love this soft feel 100% cotton shirt. Dusky Khaki $32


The shirt was so nice we also grabbed the Green Tea women’s version for our new Dogwood Logo, modelled at left by Crystal and Becca.

Cap sleeves and a vee neck are modern and feminine. You will want to wear this one all summer long.

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Finally we have a test run of a traditional style Orvis Open Air Caster ladies shirt in small with the Dogwood logo on the cape. This is a really stylish shirt, and we are thinking about doing other sizes.

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