Buffalo River 3-Day Camping Float

Wilderness Smallmouth Bass, what its all about.


OUR first Buffalo Wilderness Camping Float is done, run and couldn’t have gone any better.

The flows were great, the fish played their role, the food was awesome and the storms held off until this morning. And if you want to join the next trip we have 2 seats open starting April 18 through 21. For more details click here.

We had put together a group of friends for the first trip: regulars and very good fly fishers Junior and KV from Houston, photographer and publisher Tosh Brown from Austin and MSU English instructor, Bozeman guide and Gray Sporting Journal angling columnist Miles Nolte.

The Levin Brothers, Ben and Gabe, and Mississippi Johnson were the guides: Gabe had done a great job in shepherding the whole project through from planning to the put-in. We had Abrian Blumthal, from Rim Shoals Resort, and his buddy Buck running the commissary service, setting up camp, cooking food and getting everything shipshape while we were on the water. I was along to record the whole show for a couple of videos we are planning.

The hardest concept to wraps your head around is what we came to describe as unplugging from civilisation. There’s not too many classic fly fishing rivers in the US you can fish anymore without, seeing other fly fishers, either floating or wading. The Lower Buffalo Wilderness is truly wild: no roads, no phone service, no texts, no Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, look the wrong way in one spot and you might see one cell phone tower. We saw 2 kayaks for the entire 3 day float. Miles and Tosh get to see a lot of water across the world and were amazed that you could still find places like this in the Lower 48.

Miles gets a gar

If you were a newcomer to the river system, like myself and our four fishers, you probably would have described the fishing as spectacular. But when the put it to the 3 guides: all of them said it was pretty much average. So how good can it get on a great day?

As it was we caught a bunch of smallmouth, plus Ozark Bass, a bunch of panfish species and a gar

The food was killer, Abe and Buck really went above and beyond the call of duty,  the scenery amazing, just soaring bluffs and hills clad in a myriad of verdant green. The camps were well laid out and the campfire conversation could reduce you to tears of laughter.


And you know what after 3 days on the river, working hard and with the prospect of hours upon hours of video to review and edit, I’m still remarably laid back and relaxed. The effect of these trips is tremendously revitalising.














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