Brookie’s Tarpon

Brookie (facing the camera) with his big fish

Great report from our mate Dave Cornue on his recent tarpon trip: Spectacular photo and spectacular fish mate.


I thought you guys would enjoy seeing this big girl.  She(?) was the largest fish in a small daisy chain so we are guessing it is a she rather than a he.  Our guide estimated her at about 100 pounds (he compared her to himself, almost as long and she was bigger around than he is; he weighs 130 pounds). 

It took 1 hour and 20 mins to land on a 10wt.  She only jumped once so she kept her stamina up for a long, long time.  The last 5 or 6 minutes I honestly thought I was going to be the one to give up first!  My arms were really burning!  The tarpon were in only about 18 inches of water, which may also be why she didn’t jump much.  That is also why my guide handed me his 10wt; less disturbance on the water when the line lands.  The drag was cranked way, way down but she could still take line whenever she wanted to.  I’ve never experienced such a thing!  That business about a tarpon getting more energy every time they roll and gulp air…..its true man, its true.  Every time she got a gulp of air she would take out line. 

We really only had two days of tarpon fishing due to weather.  We fished Monday and Tuesday; completely lost Wednesday to several inches of rain and heavy winds.  Fished again on Thursday but the wind and clouds made seeing fish almost impossible, by the time we saw them they had seen us.  By Friday the water temp had dropped 15 degrees so the tarpon weren’t even on the flats anymore.  But we had a great day of fishing for redfish on Friday.

At times we were fishing to schools of 100 to 300 reds.  Lots of fun, but tarpon are it man……….  I’m afraid this may have been a life changing experience – I’ve got to fish for tarpon again, SOOOON!!!!!!!!!!  It is possible to have fish withdrawal?  Excuse me, I’ve got to go check my bank account…………………..  I don’t really need to stay employed, do I??????????