Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 4/17/15

Charlie caught this 22″ brown on his first drift of the day fishing with Ben Levin

If you were out on the White River over the past few days you might have noticed an old familiar guide face you haven’t seen in a while – that is if you can recognize him under the beard. Ben Levin is back after a season spent working at Chilean Patagonia’s Martin Pescador. It seems he carried some big trout mojo back to the Northern Hemisphere with him, because the first fish in his boat on his first day back on the White was the fine brown creature pictured above. Being the caring younger brother that I am, I asked him how he was doing halfway through his first day back, unaware yet of the fish his client caught and a little excited at the chance to give advice to the guy that taught me how to fish. Then he showed me the photo, and I just had to walk away, after calling him a wily rascal of course. [I was there, that was not the quote as I recall it…. Editor]

It’s been fun trying to fill the guide gap while Ben was gone, but it’s even better to have him back.

DC Flynt caught this slab of a rainbow fishing with Brock Dixon.

White River: The first real caddis storm hit yesterday – not surprising as it was the first time that we had warm sunshine over lowish flows. Thousands, no, MILLIONS of caddis covered the river yesterday afternoon, and the trout ate their fill. Sometimes the fishing can improve in the days following a hatch like that, when the fish are keyed in on the bugs but not distracted by the millions of naturals competing with your fly. For the next two to four weeks, expect strong hatches any time warm weather coincides with low flows, or the lowest flows you can find. Fish will happily come to the surface in as much as 6,000cfs or two full units – just look for shallow, slower areas.

Dally’s has an extensive array of caddis dries and pupa to choose from, just ask one of the shop rats to point you in the right direction. Sunday Specials and Prince Nymphs, though they are not as specific caddis imitations as other pupa flies, are excellent choices as well and favorites amongst the local guides.

Barr’s Graphic Caddis or Dally’s Tailwater Soft Hackles have been performing as a trailer behind the heavier bugs. E/C Caddis and Elk Hairs have been performing.

Don’t forget your Gink, Dry Magic, DryShake, or other favorite floatant if you’re fishing dries.