The BigUns Continue

Cord McClure and a big’un

This was an oops from last week. Somehow I missed Cord’s report in my Inbox and with a thumper brown in tow.

Fine work gentlemen and there is a 24-Foot blub sticker awaiting your next trip

Hey Steve,

I wanted to send you a report from a trip to the river with Richard Newberry this past weekend.  Plenty of stocker rainbows kept us busy in the minimum flows on Saturday and Sunday and gave us a chance to get comfortable with Richard’s new Hyde drift boat.  We got a couple of hours of good flow Monday morning and took advantage of it with two good streamer browns.  Richard’s was just shy of 20” and mine was right at the 25” mark.  Nathanael helped us out with colors and patterns.  We hated to lose him from Oklahoma but he’ll make a great addition to your shop!

Cord McClure

Richard Newberry and his brown