Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 3/19/15

Great White River rainbow pic from low water this week _ Bill Thorne image

The White has cleared up significantly and is back to fishing in fine form after runoff from recent spring soakers had the river looking like a mocha latte there for a few days. Downstream of Rim Shoals though there may continue to be cloudy water coming out of Crooked Creek for several more days, and below Buffalo River likely a week. Caddis hatches have been seen downstream of Cotter on sunny days, though there are not quite enough bugs yet to bring the packs of browns to the surface that we all are so anxious to see. With more beautiful sunny weather on its way, it can’t be long now. Dally’s has all the flies and materials you need to get your dry fly game going this spring – come in and stock up so you’re ready when the first brown snouts start breaking the surface! White River: Midges are hatching prolifically in all types of weather, and caddis in warm sunshine, and together the two bugs have the trout feeding contentedly. Drifting a caddis pupa of some sort trailed by a midge is the most productive method right now, but there are certainly enough  rainbows feeding in the surface film to warrant some dry fly fishing. For caddis pupae, try any one of our new caddis nymphs, or go simple with a good old Prince nymph. For midges, Ruby and Redneck midges have been tearing them up, but Super midges, Whitetails, and Zebra midges are all strong too. Olive wooly buggers and olive soft hackles are great on the swing too.

Norfork River: The first 2 miles of tailwater are full of Daphnia, or “water fleas” as they are sometimes known, which the trout get their fill of, making the fishing a little slow. But trout can still be taken with regularity on Root Beer midges, dark bodied scuds, and small caddis pupae presented on the dead drift. There are a lot of fish feeding on midges in the surface film in the lower half of the tailwater – small parachute Adams in gray or black, or soft hackles would also be good choices.