I think I went to bed last night with a grin like a kid on Christmas Eve.

YouTube was still processing, and so was I, would I still dig this trailer I’d spent a couple of weeks putting together. If that seems like a while there was some interruptions, and the loss of about 3 hours of editing one night, but also just simply sifting through 200Gigs of raw footage takes a bit.

But I wanted to thank a bunch of people for their help in getting here: all the fly fishers who allowed us to roll on their fishing adventure of the year, especially on the raw silliness after landing a big’un. The other guides: Chad Johnson, Alex Lafkas and Gabe Levin who were trying to figure out if rowing me around with a load of gear and not flinging a rod was going to be worthwhile.

I also wanted to thank the Fly Shop crew: Jim & Brenda Bill, Faye, Nate and Tiff for covering my butt this season, and finally the stars of the show, Salmo Trutta, for showing up at the right times and behaving nicely for the camera.

Oh and we ain’t done yet.

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