Get Ready for the Caddis


IT’S definitely time to get ready for the caddis season with just a few days left in February. The big bugs will start moving in the drift as soon as we get any sort of warming trend and it won’t be long before we start seeing them popping off downriver at least.

I’m trying to find some time to sit down and tie up a bunch of Murray Wilson’s “Messy Caddis” for this coming season in a light and dark color combinations.

Don’t fear the size of hackle on this bug, its meant to be long and wispy and downright, well Messy. The Henry’s Fork Hackle is perfect just as it is, whether you are tying big start of the season 12s or the 16s for the regular part of the season.

Match the dubbing and wing/hackle colors to your preference. And don’t forget the Frog’s Fanny


  • Hi All – what a great fly & demonstration by Murray! I think if you watch & listen several times- you’ll agree – the music is too loud and is monotonous – I would prefer no music at all. It really detracts from one of the best videos I’ve ever seen & I’ve seen a great number. Just a suggestion – I love the creativity you all put into your newsletter – it’s the best! Tom Perry

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