Advanced Nymphing Techniques Class: Jason Randall, April 11


WANT TO improve your nymphing skills to catch more and bigger trout in our tailwaters?

We are excited to welcome back outdoor writer and fly fishing teacher Jason Randall for his Advanced Nymphing Class on April 11. This class has been filling lecture halls across the country this fly fishing show season

The class will start in the Flyshop for a rundown of the theoretical concepts and then move to the river for hands-on learning..

Jason will be teaching  techniques to improve approach and presentation and to master the tuck cast, plus European and tight line techniques. The class will also study various styles of strike detection and the advantages and disadvantages of each, offering alternatives to the “bobber” style of strike detection.

Students need to bring a rod, reel and leader.



Advanced Nymph Fishing Techniques Class with Jason Randall

Class Date: April 11, 2015

Time: Starts at 12 noon. Class duration is 5-6 hours. Have lunch before arrival

Class Fee: $ 100