Big Bow for Duane Hada

Duane Hada with a heck of a nice rainbow caught over the weekend.


Big brown trout are pretty dang cool, but a 22” rainbow away from Bull Shoals is seriously impressive.

I was blown away when I received this pic from the “Headless Hada” with scant details and one heck of a rainbow. Duane did own up it was caught on a bead head Hare’s Ear soft hackle from our fly bins.

It would be pretty cool to see some sort of protection for the poorly regarded “truck trout” rainbows. When they have been in the river as long as this fish, and survived the gauntlet of shore lunch trips, weekend warriors, fly fishers hands, brown trout, herons, kingfishers and more, they have a dignity all their own.

A hot rainbow of this size is a heck of a lot of fun to catch. It would be interesting to know how many eggs this hen had laid in redds over her lifetime so far, trying to pass on some superior genetics..

So what do you think: a slot limit for rainbows, or expanded catch and release areas as is proving so successful on Norfork?

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