The Streamer Lovefest is Your Event

The Lovefest in full swing

THE Streamer Lovefest sprang from a handful of kinda oddball fly fishers, who liked to cast weird flies a whole lot for not many fish a day, indeed for a lot of days none at all.

Sure the boats are cool and the flies are pretty groovy to see and tie, if not to cast, but the first year I’d have been happy with 50 likeminded weirdos showing up. We got 100.

This year the third event we attracted around 180+ folks with big fish and big flies on their brain. The raffle of flies tied on the night raised $650 for the White River Trout Unlimited Chapter. Most of those who packed into our fly shop live at least two hours drive away, and plenty were doing 10 or 12 hours, just to see what sort of oddity those guys in the fly shop are into.

A lot of it is about the quality of talent we have been able to draw in, our first year Nick Granato, Brad Bohen, Chris Willen (the only one to be here every year), then Blane Chocklett, last year and this year the Godfather Kelly Galloup and the Ginger Viking Mike Schmidt.

And don’t forget our local guys Chad Johnson, Alex Lafkas and Brian Wise plus more recent additions Jeff Trigg and Paul Chausse: being on the inside I know how much Kelly and Co. respect the skill and talent we have here. 

They also truly dig the passion y’all who come through the doors have too. It was a common theme in conversations after the event: truly they were surprised how into the type of flies and the fishing everyone was. Its not like that at every event. The tyers one and all are the heart of the event, so thanks to all of them.

Not every event serves up some killer Pork turned out by Matt Tucker, Jeff and the crew. I keep hearing about the brisket but missed out. A huge thanks to these guys for their effort, and to Rob Williams of Shawnee Supreme Boats for generously providing the food.

I also have to thank Rainy’s Flies for helping bring in Kelly, Rim Shoals Resort for their accomodation and all our other vendors who threw down the schwag we gave away: Simms, Montana Fly Co, Wapsi Umpqua, Fishpond and Southern Culture on The Fly e-mag

Saturday night was a blur trying to ride herd over the maelstrom and pull it all together. I couldn’t do it without the efforts of Bill & Faye, Gabe Paul and Nate, not  to mention partners Jim and Brenda Dugan fpr without them not of this would exist.

And finally I have to than you all: Yes Saturday night was a blur, a blur of happy faces, talking laughing, eating and drinking. There was a whole lot of energy in that room and I know it wasn’t mine. It was y’alls.

Keep launching the big chicken!


Steve Dally