Streamer Love Fest 2015 Once Again A Blowout Event

Davy and TBirds' Fly Fishing Journal




Streamer Love Fest 2015 was a personal complete success from an attendee perspective. Kudos to the efforts by all involved! Well done!

Davy reminisces with Jim and Brenda Duggan (above photo) over some artistic drawings of well known Legends of Fly Fishing.

Although this event held annually is a celebration of the technique of streamer flies and fishing streamers, it appeared to me that it could have been an abbreviated version of Who’s Who of Fly Fishing.

One thing for sure, right there under the roof of Dally’s Ozark Fly Fishers last night there was no shortage of decades of experience in the art of fly fishing and fly tying.

Everyone seems to eventually settle into a style and technique in the world of fly fishing and tying, just one of the aspects in my opinion that makes this sport especially unique. The other being that it truly can be…

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