Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 1/5/15

The streamer fishing this past week can only be described as hard work. Collectively, the shop crew and their clients and fishing buddies put in a lot of long tough hours on the water, dealing with unpredictable water flows, short windows of opportunity and big air temperature swings. The rewards of the week, however, can only be described as impressive. Enjoy these images – just a sampling of what was caught over the past few days, look for another blog entry very soon to include some pictures of scary big fish.

Wisconsin musky/smallmouth guide Chris Willen helps Barry Analora unhook his fish. That’s just too sweet Chris.
Jeff gets a good introduction to White River streamer fishing from guide Chad Johnson.
Chris bagged his first White River two-footer with guide Gabe Levin.

White River:

Streamer guides have been covering long stretches of water for just a few bites, but when the bites have come from quality brown trout, the distance between fish doesn’t feel so big. A combination of confidence, persistence, and a little skill will eventually yield a big fish. Successful flies this week ranged broadly in size, color, and style. For streamers have a gander at some of the fresh meat in the shop like Schmidt’s Viking Midges and Lynch’s DDs. For indicator fishing or otherwise drifting small prey imitations, be sure to have some Ruby Midges, Wotton Whitetail Midges in black/silver, and Wotton Sowbugs.

Norfork River:

Expect a full two units in the morning hours, cutting back to minimum flow sometime between 8 and 11a.m., when exactly it will fall we can’t really know by the projections. The high flows have been fishing well with Puff Daddies, White Zonkers, White Zoo Cougars, and other shad or minnow imitations, as well as larger, articulated streamers. Lower flows and best fished slow and methodical with dark midges like the Root Beer or Camel midge, and small tan scuds.