Welcome To The White (1): from pilecast.net


SITTING there in the center of the maelstrom that is our Streamer Lovefest, it’s a bit like being the cattle drover with a stampeding cattle herd in a dust storm.

You just know there is all sorts of crazy stuff going on out there, you just get glimpses as they flash past.

My good mate  Jeff Trigg from Ozark Sweetwater brought down a couple of guys I’d have loved to spend a bit more time with: Dave Hosler from pilecast.net and Robert Hawkins of the Bob Mitchell Fly Shop in the Twin Cities area, and the star of one of my favorite fishy movies “Where The Yellowstone Goes”_ rent it or watch it on Netflix.

If you are a Facebooker Robert has a cool hispeed slideshow here.

Now if you are after a read and some awesome pics check out Dave’s blog. He has put up part One of his White River travels here _ part two is up as well. And its definitely worth bookmarking his site.