IT’S the Thursday before the Streamer Lovefest and the Circus is coming to down.

Kelly Galloup is on his way to the airport to catch a flight, Mike Schmidt will get on the road around lunchtime, and Chris Willen is cleaning his boat ahead of his departure. The Missouri boys, Brian Wise, Jeff Trigg, Paul Chausse, I think will be in tomorrow. Matt Tucker and crew, plus one Pig will be pulling the big smoke down from St Louis tomorrow afternoon, and the Sage & Rio crew will be following them into town.

So if you see a drift boat behind a dirty truck, feathers spilling out of the open windows heading towards Cotter there is a pretty fair

The advance guard, like the crew from Southern Culture On the Fly e-mag, are hitting the White & Norfork today. It’s going to be 53 today, but I hope our visitors don’t assume this is prime weather, as is now tradition with the Lovefest, there some grey skies, chilly temps and a light dusting of snow Sunday in the forecast.

It doesn’t appear we are in for the dump we got last year on the Sunday after the Lovefest, but that’s all just part of the fun of streamer season, cold fingers, ice in the guides and big brown trout.

The fishing has been looking up, with our second Two-Foot Club sticker for the year handed out this morning, and we are hopeful of some decent flows over the weekend, with the cooler temps. The serious business of the Lovefest starts at 6pm and yes its all free, the pig, the entertainment and the giveaways.

But we will sting y’all $5 a ticket for the Lovefest Hope Chest _ the collection of all the flies tied on the night by our group of tiers, Galloup; Johnson;Lafkas; Schmidt; Willen; Dally; Wise; Trigg; Chausse, in a big streamer box.

There will be a bunch of door prizes and giveaways again. with some great support from Sage; Rio; Umpqua; TFO; Howler Bros. Montana Fly Co; Orvis; and Simms.

Rainy’s Flies has also given us great support to help get Kelly Galloup down from Montana, and Rim Shoals Resort with accomodation for Galloup and Mike Schmidt..

The pig comes off the smoker around 6.30pm, thanks to Matt and crew supported by Rob Williams at Shawnee/Supreme Boats

During the day there will be  snacks like smoked sausage and armadillo eggs coming off the smoker. The Sage and Rio & crew will be offering demos and talking over some of our favorite streamer stuff.

Rock on in.